The Dig’s COVID Special: Call for Pitches.

The Dig, a podcast from Jacobin magazine, typically does long interviews about politics and history, often with authors about books they’ve written. Thanks to the generosity of Dig listeners, we’re trying something new: a special short-run narrative series on life and politics in the COVID-19 era. 

We want your pitches for longform narratives, sound-rich audio diaries, investigative stories,  personal essays, and interviews. Think This American Life or 99% Invisible—but from a socialist perspective and perhaps weirder in terms of form! Some ideas:

  • A personal narrative from inside a rent strike in action
  • Reflections on Gramsci writing the Prison Notebooks from prison at a time when we’re all trying to figure out politics under a state of confinement
  • A little-known slice of pandemic history: worker-organizers in 1918; proto-socialist micro-utopias during the Plague; something like that!
  • An audio diary from a bus driver in Detroit or a nurse in Queens, from somebody working to help keep heroin users alive or from a heroin user trying to stay alive, or from an academic grappling with the crisis in scholarly terms, as a teacher, and as a human. 
  • An analysis of the stimulus bill from a perspective we haven’t yet heard
  • A dispatch from somewhere far away from the United States, or from surreally close, just across the border in Mexico
  • Commentary on whether this is neoliberalism’s surprise final act and, if it is, what monstrous or beautiful futures might be waiting for us on the other end

Everything today needs to be rethought and we want new thoughts from you. 

We welcome pitches for full thirty-minute episodes and for shorter segments of five to ten minutes. And we certainly welcome pitches that could work at either length. Pay is between $500 and $3,000 depending on length and complexity.

Email to submit your pitch. Radio experience is encouraged but not required.